Custom Shower Enclosures

Holiga Glass

Holiga Glass offers a variety of 3/16 to 1/2 thick glass for you to choose from ranging in clear, colored, obscure, or patterned designs. A variety of different styles as well as colored hinges, clamps, and handles are available to compliment your bathroom decor. We also offer the option, "Enduroshield". Enduroshield protects your glass against soap scum and calcium deposits. Again, this is an optional feature and a separate fee would apply.

Heavy glass

Heavy glass frameless shower doors are not 100% water tight. Depending on where the shower head is located and what type of shower head you are using, (rain head- spray head- or jet head) there is a possibility of some slight leakage. We do offer translucent vinyl seals that can reduce the possibility of leakage but there is no guarantee. Although this is a possibility it is not necessarily a rule of thumb. More people are buying 3/8 and 1/2 frameless shower doors than ever and they are hot on the market.

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Custom Mirrors

We provide many options outside of frameless, including: framed, semi-frameless, and heavy frameless.

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Shower Doors

Frameless showers

Frameless showers are very popular due to their very elegant look. Chic looking and long lasting, frameless showers set off your bathroom with their sheer beauty.

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